Facing the world of makeup


I’m going off on a tangent with today’s blog post, for those of you who follow me on social media you’ll know that’s nothing new…


Today folks, we’re going to talk about skincare and makeup!


So, I’ve got my sister’s wedding coming up in September and I’m going to be doing my own makeup, which is a daunting task for someone who has no idea what they’re doing. I plonk on a bit of liquid eyeliner and mascara, possibly a hint of lippy and eyeshadow. These are applied no particular order in no particular way, similar to if you’d ask a child to do it. So you can see I have a task on my hands and why I’ve called for help.


A couple of weeks ago [yes this has been a full on and timely investigation] I asked my wonderful Instagram followers for tips and boy did I get some goodies, I’ll put the recommendations at the bottom of this post.


So let’s start this off with makeup 


As you can imagine I love makeup that’s easy to apply, therefore I went to Charlotte Tilbury as I had heard her sets come with a tutorial and there are loads of them on YouTube too. Zoe (the sis) and I went to have our makeup done in one of CT’s shops in John Lewis, Zoe’s looked amazing, mine on the other hand looked as if I had fallen headfirst into a puddle…




I’d got my deposit back by getting a £39 (!!!) 4 shade eyeshadow palette.. and did a runner back to bae, Benefit. I have loved every product of theirs I have used, so easy to apply and their sets too come with a handy tutorial. I wasn’t 100% happy with the tones in the CT palette (I know, I know.. I still bought it) so I bought the 24 Karat Nude palette by Maybelline for £16. A  MUCH better colour palette for less than half the price with 12 more shades, the price difference is probably something to do with pigment but for someone who doesn’t really care about that, it does the job wonderfully. This is the result from using that palette…




Much more natural! Let me know in the comments which look you prefer.


Moving on to skincare…


I was recommended LOTS of skincare products from my lovely instagram followers (thank you everyone who told me their suggestions!!), many of whom said they get their products from The Body Shop. I bought their banana hair mask, rose face mask and shea butter body wash (bit random compared to the others but it was FREE and it’s glorious). I recommend all of these products. I am going to get their makeup setting spray too (was out of stock when I went shopping) as I wanted one which does the job but still breathable and apparently it’s great!


As a little extra for those who’ve stuck by me until now…


I have also been working on my hair. I would highly recommend using (probably late to the game) Clairol’s shimmer and shine shampoo for blonde hair that has copper tones. It’s made my hair soooo much lighter, I will do this more running up to the time of the wedding. If you’re like me and can’t spend loads on getting your hair dyed at the hair dressers I would recommend doing this!

[I’d recommend watching YouTube videos that give you a tutorial on how to do it properly…. and using loads of hair masks as it really dries out your hair!]

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