… and breathe

Hindsight is such a beautiful thing that pops it’s head in when the difficult time has been and gone. It’s timing is all over the place. We need to tackle the tough times with knowledge to help us see the bigger picture, hopefully this post will do just that.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram you’ll roughly know what I’m going on about but if you don’t, basically in a nutshell, my kiln gave up the ghost. It also had the worst possible timing. it was just before my colour palette release making it a huge disappointment and it completely threw off my preparation for Christmas. I was really excited as I had planned big things for these events yet it all went to pot and honestly it made me go down a dark hole which I struggled to get out of. 

I focused on the things which were going wrong like not having enough stock for a craft show in London rather than focusing on things which I could do differently so the kiln breaking wouldn’t have such a big affect on my little business.

It’s really shown me how important it is to talk to a third party about what’s going on because they will see your situation in a completely different way. I spoke to my sister about the lack of Autumn Winter pieces I’d have to take to London and she told me to just take pieces from my Spring Summer collection as well – after all, my colours are chosen specifically so they all look good together regardless of what collection they are from. You wouldn’t believe how much this simple solution made me feel soooooo much better (so thank you Zo). After speaking to my mentor a couple of weeks ago, I also realised that I could’ve just promoted my pottery experiences more as most would be bought as gifts for Christmas, therefore I wouldn’t need to use my kiln until January. 

These solutions seem so simple but when something is going wrong it really has the ability to cloud your thought processes making it all seem like everything is failing, when actually it’s really not. 

The trouble is, when you’re the only one in your business… the business stops when you do. You can’t plan for every possible issue you may have but it’s definitely worth stepping back when something starts going wrong and assess the situation. 

Remember to reach out when you’re going through a tricky patch. This for me is one of the hardest parts of running a small business by yourself, but you can make it easier. Join groups who have members doing a similar thing to you, I bet 99% of people would have a tip or two to help you through it. Allow yourselves time away from your businesses too, it can all too quickly become very consuming. I don’t mean going on an expensive holiday – take yourself on a walk and meet up with your friends. You’re the wheel in your business, without you nothing will move. Self care is so important.

Look after yourselves,

Fi x


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