2019, let’s be havin’ ya

Right, so, I am going to try really hard not to write cliché’s, let’s see how I do. I’m going to throw the ‘new year, new me’ out for starters because let’s face it, I have bought a diary for the last few years that are only filled in for the first month or so and then the rest of it is left blank. Okay, first admittance of 2019, I’ve bought myself another diary. Ha. It does say ‘2019 is your year’ on the front so maybe that’ll help.


“You could take me on a camper holiday in the UK over a trip to Dubai or New York any day”


Since I’ve had a few days to let the new year sink in I have been mulling over 2018. It’s been amazing both in my personal life with my sister’s hen party and wedding (this is when I get sad I’m not in the ’21 Kids and Counting’ family, I would love for a sister of mine to get married every year). This is also the first year me and Phil (my boyfriend) have been able to enjoy our camper and I literally couldn’t love our little trips away, more… You could take me on a camper holiday in the UK over a trip to Dubai or New York any day (although taking the camper to New Zealand would be The Dream… hinthinthint). For the last few of months of 2018 I also started going to the gym again. In my second year of university I went nearly every day and lost of load of weight. Having a job I wasn’t happy in, pre-FICH, made me put it all on again and I have been really angry at myself for it ever since. Going back to the gym has been great for my mental health and has helped me to start feeling good again. This is something I can’t wait to continue in 2019.




 “FICH ceramics is supported by the Prince’s Trust, woop!”


My business life has been pretty amazing too. 91 Magazine did a feature on me and my work in their E-zine. I actually love the magazine it’s bloody lush so it was a great honour [if you’re into indie interior magazines you should really check them out]. I completed the Princes Trust Business Enterprise Programme which means I can now officially say that FICH ceramics is supported by the Prince’s Trust, woop! I also opened my studio up for two weekends in December, that went really, really well. So chuffed and grateful that people came along, so thank you so much if you did, it really means the world [if you would like to come along to the next one please sign up to my newsletter and/or follow me on Instagram to stay updated]. I was also approached by Not On The High Street to sell on their platform which admittedly I did have to refrain myself from just replying ‘YES PLEASE!!’. I was feeling a bit miffed that I didn’t have a work do to dress up for so to finish the year, I took the people who have supported and helped FICH ceramics in 2018, my family, out for a meal to say thank you. Not that a meal equates to the amount of thanks I have for them, but it was something.



Although this year has been amazing, the last 3 months have been the toughest I’ve had to go through with my business and I wasn’t happy towards the end of 2018. I mentioned my kiln issues in the last blog post so I won’t dive into that cesspit again. I have since realised that it wasn’t really about the kiln, anything could go wrong, like if I broke my wrist (which is pretty likely due to my horrendous clumsiness) and other happenings that would have a big impact on my business, with me mentally but also financially. It was the first major thing to go wrong for me, which is pretty good going as I edge towards the end of my second year and what it taught me was that I should have plans in place for if any of these things do happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to write down an individual plan for everything but putting money aside or having a ‘is it really that bad’ checklist would really help my brain to see the situation logically.


So, 2019, oh heeeeeey!


I am determined to make this year a bloomin’ gooden and to do that I…


  • Want to keep at the gym because that helps me so much mentally. When I am in the gym I feel as though I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and I actually, as stupid as it may sound, it makes me feel alive and strong. I may be out of breath and sweaty but I love pushing my body to see what it can do. I know this may not look like a business goal but if I’m not showing up at 100% each day, no one else will.
  • Will keep myself organised. I am so bad at this but organising the year as a whole now will make this a hell of a lot easier when it comes to designating jobs that need to be done each week. I did this a few months into last year (when I met my PT mentor for the first time) and it was so refreshing to be on time and ready for each deadline.


This last goal may surprise you but I think it’s one that needs to happen…


  • Need to get a part-time job. Not really for money, although getting a monthly pay cheque will be nice, it’s more to help with the loneliness of the self-employed life. I feel like I need something else to focus on which will inevitably make everything flow better, yes, my brain works in weird and wonderful ways… I’m imagining it will be as an art technician at a school or something along those lines. I will fill you in as and when things happen!


2019, let’s be havin’ ya. I’m excited and eager to get going. I hope that whatever your plans are, you achieve them, I’m rooting for you!


Speak soon,

Fi x


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