About me

I’m Fi the two hands behind FICH ceramics. Here is the story of FICH ceramics thus far;

During my time in university at Plymouth College of Art I first discovered clay and the throwing process and instantly fell in love. The way you use your hands as the tools to manipulate the form creates a connection I have never got from any other material. The process makes each piece unique and an extension of me. To show this I always leave subtle marks that tell the story of how each piece was made, giving each one their own fingerprint.

After graduating Plymouth College of Art with a First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Crafts, my passion for clay has never left me and continued practice whenever I could around my full time job. After I had accumulated enough equipment I set up my own home studio. A few years later I was able take the leap and make pieces full time for FICH ceramics and I have never looked back. I absolutely love what I do! Each piece I make is a part of the story and I love that if you have a piece of FICH ceramics in your home, you know exactly where it has come from and how much love has gone into making it.

Thank you for visiting!