My Top 5 Things To Do In Abingdon-on Thames

I never thought I’d see the day where I would be writing a blog post about my little historic town but I thought for those of you who are coming from afar to my open studio for Oxfordshire’s ArtWeeks, you may want a little guide to what to do when you get here. Seeing as I have lived here all of my life, I guess I’m the gal to do it!


Quickly before we get started; for those of you don’t know, my studio is open for Oxfordshire ArtWeeks on the 11th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 19th of May from 11 – 6. There will be demonstrations given by me, refreshments and nibbles, exclusive discounts and more!


Right, let’s do this!


My top 5 things to do in Abingdon-on-Thames


  1. Have a walk by the river


If Millie could talk (she can’t because she’s a dog..) then she would say it was the best thing since tennis balls. She loves it, as do I. It’s perfect because you can make it as long as you want it to be, just turn around when you feel as though you’ve had enough or there is a lovely loop that you can do too which takes a good hour or so. I don’t know about you but happy dogs bouncing around, birds singing and flowing water is a recipe for a perfect walk.  You can also end the walk with a beer in the Nags Head, you can practically high-five the people driving boats down the river, you’re that close to them.



  1. Go for a walk around Radley lakes 


I love walking around Radley lakes. You start walking down a path which has trees either side so it makes you feel as though you could be anywhere, especially on a sunny day! This path leads you to the lakes which will be on your left. The whole way round you can just hear birds singing to each other. You can start this walk at the Abbey Meadows with 2 hours free parking, which is about a 6k walk round or you can park opposite the Bio-Techne building which is about a 3k loop.



  1. Go into Oxford


There are two options here. You can either get the bus from opposite the Boundary House, roughly a 5-10 minute walk away or you can drive in which takes about 15 minutes. Parking at the Westgate is relatively easy but can be a little wait before you get in, especially from 11 onwards. There’s plenty to do in Oxford, lots of beautiful, historic buildings, cute pubs and the fancy new Westgate shopping centre.




  1. Have a meal at the Flowing Well


It takes roughly 10 minutes to walk here, with the walk taking you down little paths, away from the roads only going over the A34. Me and Phil love it here, mainly because they’re dog friendly and decent seating for whatever the weather. A big open fire for when it’s cold and wet, and an outside decking for when it’s sunny. The food is bloomin’ lovely, I’d recommend the skinny burger, it’s delish!




  1. See nature in all it’s glory at Harcourt Arboretum


This is only a little drive away, roughly about 15-minute drive from Abingdon, but it’s a lovely way to spend the day! I’d recommend taking a picnic to eat in the gardens or there’s a lovely pub round the corner called the Seven Stars in a beautiful little village called Marsh Baldon.


There’s definitely enough there to fill the day, there’s definitely a theme running throughout this blog post and you can tell I rarely go further than 15 minutes away, I love walking and going to pubs… So if you’re like me, you’d love doing either of these 5 things! I hope you enjoyed the photos attached that were taken at each location too, every photo we take is mostly of the dog!


I hope this has helped you plan your day and by all means get in touch if you would like to do one of these and I can give you some more detailed information.


See you soon!!!

Fi x


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